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Itty Bitty Chit Chat

Itty Bitty Chit Chat

Pop-Hop is pleased to present our first series of Itty Bitty Chit Chat, a baby sign language class with Hubbell Radue. The class is a concentrated curriculum consisting of 20 useful signs to use with your baby during daily routines. American Sign Language will be taught with acute awareness of placement, hand shape and expression in order to emulate the language accurately.   

Hubbell Radue is a certified Educational Sign Language Interpreter with extensive classroom experience as a teacher and interpreter. Fluent in American Sign Language since 2002, she became a freelance sign language interpreter in 2007 working primarily in the medical industry fields of women’s health and pediatrics. In 2009 she returned to education as a sign language interpreter for K-12. Pregnant with her first baby, Hubbell decided to develop a curriculum to teach her husband to cultivate early communication with their baby. The curriculum became a passion she calls Itty Bitty Chit Chat, and now she teaches all over Los Angeles, enabling parents with the tools to chat with their babes early and often.

There will be 4 hour long sessions on Saturdays at 10 am beginning June 30. Prices start at $65 for one parent ($18 for a single class) and $85 for two parents ($22 for a single class).

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